Working From Home Top Tips

We are all living through very strange times, with the Covid-19 Global Pandemic looming over the world; and those that are able to have been asked to work from home. Its fair to say, the pandemic has effected everyone in some shape or form, and we are all trying to work out what our new normal is.

For many people it sounds like the dream, but the novelty of working in your pyjamas watching Netflix wears off very quickly, as does your productivity. Therefore, I thought I would put together my main tips for working from home, to try and make this transition as easy as possible.

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1. Get up at a reasonable time and keep a routine.

Routine is key here and is how we form some kind of normality during this strange period of time. Create a routine that suits your needs, and don’t fall into the trap of sleeping until 5 minutes before you need to be logged into your emails. This won’t provide you time to wake up and be ready for a productive day.

2. Exercise when you would have been commuting

By working out when you would have been commuting, you find a new use for that time. You can then shower, and start your work day feeling energised and motivated for the day ahead.

If I set out a plan to exercise, I am much less likely to cancel this plan if I just get up and do it first thing. It also sets the tone for the day. By getting it out the way, I start the day feeling healthy and am less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks and ruin the sweat and tears of that mornings workout (literally).

There’s some great workout apps doing free 30 day trials, and there’s plenty of free workout videos on Youtube or Instagram. You could even take up running outdoors to get that much needed Vitamin D.

3. Get dressed (but be comfortable)

For some people, putting on that suit to sit at their dining table really gets them in the working mood. For me, comfort is priority and I work much better without my jeans digging in for eight hours a day. Changing out of your pyjamas signals to your brain that its time to wake up and work, and that mind shift can sometimes be what we need to get ourselves into gear, even if its just into fresh pajamas.

4. Give yourself breaks

Get some fresh air, and walk around your neighborhood if you are able to. Make sure to take regular screen breaks for your eyes and posture, and actually take a lunch break where you step away from work. You brain needs time to relax, and it’ll help you avoid the afternoon slump.

5. Plan your day

At the start of the day, write out your to do list. This gives yourself overview of what there is to accomplish during the day. It’s also a great feeling of achievement when you get to tick things off throughout the day.

It can be useful to break your day down into chunks, and schedule you energy with your body clock. I have more concentration in the morning and last thing before the end of the work day, so I schedule my tasks around this.  I also give myself time limits for tasks, which gives me a solid chunk of time to work knowing I can then have a break, which means I am less prone to distractions. So give time batching a go, scheduling harder tasks for the time in the day that you are most productive.

6. Match music to your task

We often need background noise or some form of entertainment when working solo. I like to put on quite upbeat music to encourage strong workflow, or classical chilled music to help with long stints of reading or concentration.

7. Use the new time at home to your benefit.

We now have reduced commuting time, less time when we would have gone out for lunch or spent in pointless work meetings. Therefore, we can take this time back to work on ourselves. Try to think about your work priorities and any projects you want to work on or professional development you may be able to do online that you could discuss with your manager. Just because we are no longer in the formal office setting, it is important not to forget about our professional development.

8. Keep in contact with work colleagues

Schedule some calls throughout the week to catch up with colleagues, even if only for 10/15 minutes to pass the time of day as you would at the coffee machine. Also try to have team meeting by video/conference call and use online software to connect and share work with your team. This gives added accountability, but also incorporates the social aspect of your job back into the day.

9. Find a suitable space. 

Make sure your work space is minimal and tidy, and has the preferable lighting. Try to ensure you are comfortable and your screens are at the right height to avoid neck or back pain. Its also preferable to find a space away from the kitchen to stop that constant grazing.

10.. Schedule a time to stop. And stop. Close the laptop and take a break to signal the end of the day. Even if you will open the laptop ten minute later to watch Netflix.. Or do what I do, and have yourself a 4pm dance party with anyone you are working from home with (and yes, passers-by do stop and stare).

These tips may not work for everyone, but maybe give a few a try. It’s important to appreciate that this is a stressful time, and give yourself allowances for having off-days or not being at full productivity. Taking care of yourself and your own mental well being is priority, so if you have a down day, we always have tomorrow to try something new.

I hope you found these helpful! Let me know below some of your top tips 🙂

Until Next Time x

Clean + Press, Jesmond : Review


I realised last weekend that it was my last weekend alone before packing up for my mum to take most of our things, and getting my boyfriend back from the clutches of his Masters. This means in a few weeks we can do some things we wanted to do up here  in Newcastle before I move back home.  Lately, I have enjoyed finding cozy cafes to blog in and trying out new healthy cafes is my favourite thing. Therefore, as its my last weekend, I knew that was how I wanted to spend it. So I grabbed my backpack and walked the long walk from central station all the way to Clean and Press in Jesmond, a perfect way to get my steps in for the day!


Clean + Press is very easy to find, on the corner  of Osborne Road (the main road) and Acorn Road. Luckily it wasn’t busy and  I sat outside without interruption or bother from cars or passersby’s. Jesmond is so close to the city centre but it still has that small town feel (especially now most of the students have gone home!).  I could have easily got the metro, being only three stops to Jesmond from Central station, but after my long walk I felt like I earned my “Avocado Smash”.
I have a large but healthy obsession with avocados, and I would add them to everything if it was acceptable. Ive even made avocado chocolate frosting for cakes before. I’ve also been dying to try Ezekiel bread to see if it really lived up to its hype, so now was my chance. This lunch was very simple, but still delicious and left me wanted more. The avocado was so ripe and creamy, and seasoned with just the right amount of pink Himalayan salt. The toast was thick, and I even considered trying to buy some on my way home. It was exactly what I needed after my long walk, preparing me for my long return walk home.


The smoothie I tried was the S1 Berry Smoothie, which includes strawberries, blueberries, apple, mint and coconut water. I think the apple and mint added something really different, so that the berry wasn’t too overwhelming. I would definitely recommend trying thos one out.
The Clean + Press is known for its cold pressed juice so I couldn’t leave without picking up one of there juices to try when I got home. I wasn’t quite sure about the hype surrounding cold pressed juices, but after some research it seems like they keep a lot of the nutrients in for longer, due to the way they are pressed during production. I chose the simple grapefruit and pineapple, great for the immune system to help me battle this cold.


As I sat outside, enjoying the rare day of nice British weather, I decided to take in the environment and people-watch instead of burying my head in blog writing as I ate. The only downside I think to this healthy spot is that there isn’t much space for indoor seating, which was fine on this fine Northern day, but is likely to pose issues in the winter months. However, the drinks are freshly bottled and stay fresh for a few days. So, this place might become more of a stop in and grab something to go, especially on your way to university, rather than sit and enjoy your lunch. You can’t fault somewhere that provides health and fast food when you’re on the run!
If I lived in Jesmond, I think that this would be one of my go-to places to keep me on track with my health kick. I would love to try out some of the other juices and smoothie flavours, especially the Raspberry Milk. I do hear they offer delivery…
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Race for Life 2016: Review

I may have mentioned – I am not a runner.

This year, however, I set myself some goals. Initially, I wanted to be able to run a mile without stopping. I know it might sound a bit ridiculous, but that’s how unfit I was.

My second goal was to be able to run 5K continuously.

For me to actually get to this goal, I knew I had to train. And for me to train, I knew I had to set an actual, tangible goal that forced me to train. So I signed up for the Newcastle Race for Life.

I have done the Race for Life probably three of four times over my teenage years with my mum. But we always set of jogging, then walked a bit, then jogged. To be the person I wanted to be, I had to run the whole thing.

Surprisingly, the first time I got on a treadmill, I ran a mile. Not easily, but I didn’t stop (I must have had a big coffee that day). Getting passed that one mile was a physical and mental battle. I started running a mile a few times a week and planned to build it up from there. A few weeks before the race I went to Thailand, and all exercise completely ceased. There was too much pool to lounge by, sea to kayak and delicious food to eat. Once I returned from my blissful trip to Thailand (see photos here), I still hadn’t ran past the two mile mark, and I was convinced that two mile run was a complete fluke.


Sea of Pink #PinkArmy

One afternoon my boyfriend declared that on that Saturday we would run for an hour down by the river. I managed to barter this down to 45 minutes, but I was convinced even that this was impossible. I spent the rest of the day thinking about the scenarios in my head, and how I would persuade him to go on without me as I collapsed half way through. I had never run this far in my life; I had always got off of running at school, and walked around cross-country when the teachers weren’t looking. I did not feel prepared.

The sense of achievement after we had completed a 5.6K run that Saturday in the morning sun along the Quayside – what a feeling! I did not stop; I did not give up when I struggled, I continued running up what felt like the steepest hill ever. From this point I knew I would be fine the following Sunday for the Race for Life. Once you get passed that mental barrier telling you to stop, you can keep going as long as you want. This goes for many things, not just for running.

Self doubt seems to be a theme underlying this post, and something I am aware of and working on. When it’s something you’ve tried to accomplish but never quite made it, it does seem unattainable. But maybe it’s because I have never fully stuck things out before getting bored or committing to defeat. At least now I have proved to myself that if I don’t stop running, I will reach the goal I have set for myself. I know I have the ability to achieve; I just have to put in the work.


I’m so glad I had my boyfriend as a trainer, and a motivator – I might have quit without him! He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. He ran slow to stay by my side and convince me not to stop. I know it wasn’t a smooth ride, and it took us a while to understand we weren’t starting off in the same mind-set, we got there and he continuously helps me to achieve big things (I know its only a 5K run, but it’s big for me). The same goes to me overcoming my fear of doctors/needles when I got my immunisation for Thailand. It was my first injection since childhood; I’m so proud of what I have overcome this year – so far.

The most important part of this post is not the training, but the day itself and the money we raised for Cancer Research. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t emotional. Picture me alone crying in a field. Okay, I wasn’t fully alone, but I stood (minus my phone) surrounded by hundreds of other strong women listening to the stories of those we have lost to this awful disease. Reading the signs pinned to the backs of shirts detailing the reason they run is enough to make anyone shed a tear or two. But I also felt extremely empowered; I am here beating my own personal goals on my own, with all these amazing people, joining together for a common cause to raise so much money for a charity that is so important in everyone’s lives. If I ever wanted to smile and cry at the same time, it was during the build up to this race. Once everyone set off running, there was such a feeling of comradery, and all the marshals were so encouraging – at every corner someone else was cheering you on, not mentioning the crowds that lined the sides of the track to cheer on loved ones and strangers alike.

I managed to beat my best time, sprinting across the finish line in 31minutes. A wonderful, but sweaty feeling – I always thought runners high was a myth!


Thanks to all the support of my friends and family, I managed to raise £185! The Newcastle event alone raised around £114,000 for research on cancer at the Newcastle based hospitals and research facilities. You can still donate here to this amazing cause.

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NYX Go-To Palette – Wanderlust: Review

NYX is such a talked about brand in the YouTube and beauty blogging community, and I had tried out a few bits a few years ago that I had picked up from trips to the US. So I was very excited when I heard that a NYX counter was coming to my local Boots store (and that I was living in the city this year).

I was reading reviews and blog posts around the wide web on the best products to buy from NYX. I wanted to be prepared for my trip to Boots, knowing hoards of teenage girls will be crammed round the lipstick stands. I’m glad I did my research.

I was about to leave for Thailand, and as the over packer that I am (I like choices) I was looking for a palette that would be more of an all-rounder that allows me to cut down on the amount of products I take. I don’t wear much make up on holiday, only for the occasional meal out. I love the holiday glow that my skin gets, and makeup is rarely needed. However, holidays are also the best time to try out new products. You have lots of time to try things out, you’re really testing the product in the heat and humidity; and if things go wrong, no one there will have to see you again!


So when I read about the NYX Go-To Wanderlust palette – perfect name too – I knew this was the product I would make a beeline for when I got to Boots. Initially I was drawn to the beautiful gold and pink tone eye shadows (I love rose gold!), which swatched lovely, with high pigment. I loved that there was the neutral browns to contour the crease; the staple of an eye shadow look. I did have reservations about the bronzer and blusher however. The bronzer seemed quite dark, but I thought with a holiday bronze I could make this work. The blush was quite a bright blush with a more peachy undertone; which I also thought was definitely more suitable to the holiday look than anything else I wear here on a daily basis.

I took no other eye shadows, bronzers, blushers or highlighters on my trip to Thailand, and this worked so well! It’s such an easy, smart product that covers most of your needs when it comes to that holiday makeup look. I will admit, I don’t think I would wear the bronzer or blush at home, unless for a strong contour or bright summer look. They are both very pigmented and the product goes a long way. But if these colours match with your skin tone, or the look you like to go for, then this is perfect. I didn’t feel like I needed much of a bronzer when I have the holiday tan anyway, so I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The eye shadows are also beautifully pigmented and I still reach for them quite often.


NYX Go-To Wanderlust Palette

One thing I did not expect – this is the best highlighter I have ever used!! A colleague commented one Monday morning – “What was the highlighter you were wearing last Friday? I forgot to ask but it was beautiful!” Its that memorable! I am lucky to have some high end highlighters such as Laura Mercier, and a Clinique stick highlighter. No other highlighter I’ve tried is as incredible and glowing as this one; and that is a very bold claim to make. I did not expect to find a stand out highlighter in a palette of all these products, but this is now my go to highlighter. I would carry around the palette just to use the highlighter.

The palette itself is £14 from selected Boots and if I’m honest, I would probably pay it just for the highlighter, considering its better than all the high end ones I’ve tried. But to have all these great quality eye shadows, this beautiful highlighter, and the ease of having all these products in one place, it’s definitely worth this price.

Let me know what you think of this palette, and also comment below on any other great multitasking palettes you’ve tried. I really want to find some more that work this well if not better, for my traveling later this year

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Must-Read Books of 2016

Along with working full time, trying to stay fit and keep up motivation to workout, family time, general household tasks, as well as blogging; I haven’t been finding as much time to read  as I would like. I really want to find more time to read for pleasure again, so I thought by writing down this list it’ll give me a good place to make a pact with myself. I have read 3 books so far this year, during holidays and travel time, and I am very close to finishing my fourth, which I need to give back to a friend by the end of the week. Even if I just find 15 minute to switch off with a book, I’ll be happy with that.

I always have a long list of books I have been meaning to read but I thought I would make a list post of those books currently on my list of must-reads, and I’m going to try my best to get through as many of them as I can this year.

I have moved away from searching for that perfect typical beach read, and have been enjoying reading things with a bit more substance (not that beach reads are bad!). I also got big into crime and thriller books along with the crime hype from Gone Girl, Girl on the Train, How to Make A Murderer and the Serial podcast (if you haven’t already listened, stop reading and go and download it now!). I’ve also been looking into reading some self help, motivational books that might be able to help me get my career and life in general on the right track. I’m hoping to do some traveling towards the end of the year, so I hope I can fit in some good reading during that time.

    1. The Circle – David Eggers. I am desperate to finish this book. I started when visiting abroad in a library and had to return it before I could finish it. This was nearly 2 years ago now. This is the kind of book you find yourself still thinking about afterwards, it leaves an impression, and I didn’t even finish it. I want to get my hands on it before the film comes out; I hear Emma Watson is rumoured to play the lead, not sure that’s the image I had in my head though.
    2. Kind Worth Killing For – Peter Swanson. I bought this on a recent trip to Barter Books (MY FAVOURITE PLACE EVER). If you haven’t heard of this bookshop, Google it now, its the biggest second hand bookshop in the country and is in an old renovated train station. The book looks like quite an easy but gripping read, good for when you want to tune out the world for a while. TheKindWorthKilling
    3. In Cold Blood – Truman Capote. I’ve been getting really into true crime podcasts lately, and this was recommended to me by friend, so I think I will download it on my kindle soon. Click on the picture blow to go check it out over on Amazon.
    4. Someone Else Skin – Sarah Hilary. I saw this recommended by Fleur De Force, on her video of her July 2016 favourites. I love that it’s a series that continues to feature the same fictional detective; you can come back and enjoy a new story with a character you’ve already formed a bond with.
    5. Margaret Atwood – The Heart Goes Last. I love reading books about dystopian worlds, social experiments and seeing how other people live. This book seems a perfect mix of all of these things, as well as the aspect of criminology and prison life. I’m not sure why I’m obsessed with documentaries about crime and prisons, but it must be my intrigue for things completely different to my own life and removed from myself.
    6. Orange is the New Black – Piper Kerman. I want to read more books based on true life stories. And for the prison thing, see above.
    7. The Morning Miracle –  Hal Elrod because who doesn’t want a more productive day. I aspire to be one of those women who is up at 5.30 without an issue, workout done, ready and prepared for the day, extra blogging time sorted. This might be my answer.
    8. The Drowned Detective – Neil Jordan. I need to finish this book! I started it during a period when lots of things were happening, and forgot to pick it back up. I feel like I’ll get back into it quickly. Its one of those books that is unlike anything I have ever read. It has an air of mysticism and  supernatural mixed in which such realistic description of Europe from years ago. Look out for a review hopefully sometime soon!
    9. Anything by Haruki Murikami. I’ve read a few of his classics – Norwegian Wood, After Dark and Dance Dance Dance. These are the wackiest, most mind-boggling, unrealistic books you’ll find. And the Japanese basis to the stories make it even more interesting. Its funny that I enjoy the realistic, true crime or real life stories but then also look to read these out-there, crazy fictions that are on the other end of the spectrum

Book Recommendation of the month: The Girl with All The Gifts – M.R.Carey.

I found this exactly a year ago whilst on holiday in Greece; it was recommended on my Kindle after I finished another dystopian novel. I loved this book, and immediately recommended it to my boyfriend as it has quite a scientific background, with great explanations, which I feel added to the realism of  description and atmosphere of the book. This one kept me on the edge of my sun-lounger, although not typical beach reading, it only took me a day or two to finish it because it’s so gripping. This is one for those who like the walking dead, or enjoy sci-fi, dystopian type books like Hunger Games and Divergent. I didn’t realise it was that type of book firstly, and its not something I would usually choose, which is probably why I enjoyed it more than usual. I also didn’t know there was any hype around this book (other than my own) but I see there’s a film coming August 3rd to the US and late September to the UK. So if you haven’t read it yet, go pick up a copy here now by clicking on the photo to the right. I am very tempted to also read Fellside, written by the same author Mike Carey and set in Yorkshire; what more could I want?!

Whats on your list for your must reads for the rest of the year? I’m always looking for recommendations, so please let me know down below!

Until Next Time

Amatara Wellness Resort and Spa: Review

Have you ever seen those photos of people lounging by their infinity pool, overlooking the beaches you only see in paradise? The hotel rooms bigger than peoples own apartments (mine!). The luxury you can only dream of…

Well I dreamed it.

Then I experienced it.



If you’re looking to experience Thailand from the luxurious setting of your cushioned sun lounger overlooking the sunset on your private beach; healthy fresh food and individually tailored fitness programs; and amazing treatment from the moment you land in Thailand – then you need to book your stay at the Amatara Resort and Wellness Spa now.

This hotel is true luxury; world class even, with the added bonus of real Thai hospitality – the type that make this beautiful country known as the Land of the Smiles.I’ve stayed at some amazing places  during my world travels, but this hotel has taken the solid lead.  There is no doubts that it is fully deserving of its World Luxury Spa  Award 2016 and the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence! They also won World Luxury Hotel Award in 2014 for best Luxury Island Resort. I’m still in shock that I even stayed here – this place is the stuff of dreams. I expect to see celebrities lounging by the pool, or stretching into svanasana at morning yoga.


As soon as you’re dropped off at the hotel, you are greeted with a crowd of smiling faces and an open view out to the ocean across the infinity swimming pool. Someone hands you a flower, and brings over a refreshing towel and some spiced ice tea while you lounge on the sofas waiting to check in. After 18 hours of travel, the last thing I wanted to do was stand and wait at check in. I’m so glad I had arrived at the Amatara resort, where check in is completed on the sofas overlooking the ocean while you acclimatize to the heat and humidity.

After you’ve checked in, you are driven to your room on the golf cart and given a tour of your room – yes, you need a tour, there is so much included in your room!

Leaving me with the complimentary Ipad and the magnetic key to my room, I was free to enjoy my room fit for a Queen.

 The Room



Besides the flat screen TV, automated blinds, and in closet light that turn on when you open the door – even the air conditioning was fancy touch screen with numerous dials ones around the room so you could turn down the air-con without having to leave the bed. The bed itself could have slept four people comfortably so if you need a break from your spouse, this is the place to stay- you could sleep all night any never see them. The bed faced the flat screen TV mounted on the half partition wall that separated the bedroom from the bathroom/dressing room; whilst both looked out across a ceiling to floor, room length windows to the ocean. The view when you pressed that button and the blinds slowly rose, was breathtaking – straight out of a James Bond movie. I had to pinch myself every morning!

IMG_7350The other highlight, which was definitely something that tempted me initially when I was looking for hotels in this area, is the free standing bathtub overlooking the bay and the large colonial style balcony that hangs within the jungle.

The room also comes equipped with a Nespresso capsule coffee machine, free green and black tea with free milk in the fridge, as well as small snacks such as dried fruit and chips which get replenished everyday. Although don’t leave them out, the ants love them too!


The little ad-ons which made the room that little bit extra special, besides the robe and sturdy flip flop slippers, was the beach bag you can take when you want to lounge on the beach or by the pool. They also know that mosquitoes are a problem, especially during monsoon season in Phuket. Therefore, they provided a mosquito kit so that you are fully prepared, and don’t need to bring anything with you. They provide a room plug in, a small bug spray to carry in your bag, jungle strength spray and an actual spray to kill bugs if you find them in your room. This didn’t happen to me luckily, I only really got bitten when I was out and about in the evenings.

They also stock up the bathroom with luxury shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion; as well as your own mini Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush! You really don’t need to bring anything except sun cream, which can be quite expensive here. You also have to be wary when buying cosmetics here (sun cream included) as they might have whitening agents in them that bleach your skin. Just like many Westerners like to have that fresh “healthy” tan, many countries in Asia think lighter skin is more beautiful.

The Food

Now I can only judge this based on breakfast, but the food at the Amatara is to die for! I am so glad I got breakfast included with my room booking, as one of the only downsides of this hotel resort is that the food is quite expensive. But you do pay for quality, and if you like to treat yourself on holiday, then this is the place to do it!

I loved waking up and knowing I was going for my morning buffet. You also got a choice off the al a carte menu, made to order fresh for you. The staff at breakfast ( and the whole hotel in general) were so attentive, especially when breakfast was very quiet, which I’m not sure I liked; it felt like I had my own staff.  The waitress would take your tea and coffee order, and place your napkin across your lap whilst you decided on your choice from the al a carte menu. I felt so bad that they had tucked me in with my napkin, I didn’t want to get up to go to the buffet; I felt like a child needed to be excused from the table.  It’s the little touches that made this place great.

The buffet was never overcrowded and there was always a full range of food on offer. You also had a mix of local Thai cuisine and Western food, such as croissants, muffins, and toast. There was hot food like noodles available, as well as your choice of fresh fruit, salad, homemade coconut muesli, cereals and jams. You could order a smoothie to help jetlag, or that hangover from the night before, and they also had fresh juices on offer, such as watermelon, mango, chlorella and iced green tea. My favourite was the Donut Tree and the fresh honey that ran straight off the honeycomb!

DonutTree            FreshHoney

My favourite breakfast dishes were definitely the Feta scrambled eggs on sourdough bread with avocado salsa. I’m still craving this, and I’ve tried to recreate it a few times. If I was fancying something sweet I would choose the Buttermilk Pancakes with banana, roasted macadamia nuts and maple Syrup. The Wild berry waffles with preserved lemon mascarpone and wild better compote were also to die for. I needed more holiday days to eat these all over again. So if Amatara could send me the recipe for these, that would be great!


There’s a lovely balcony that wraps round the restaurant for you to enjoy breakfast overlooking the sea, but by that time of day I was already too hot to be sat outside fully clothed, and the mosquitoes were very annoying so I usually chose to stay inside in the air conditioning and close access to the food.

As the food and drink is quite expensive in the hotel,  I always ventured out of the hotel about a 5/10 minute walk along the esplanade to the local restaurants and shops. You can also hire scooters cheaply from next door to Kantary Cafe to explore restaurants a little further afield, although there is enough in walking distance.  If you do decided to head out a little further, you must try the Treetop Cafe, opposite the Radisson Blu hotel. They had so much more choice here for vegetarians, and I’m sad I only found this on my last night. Their spring rolls with plum sauce are perfect, and I finally found Tofu Massaman Curry I’d been looking for all week. We often went to Kantary Cafe for lunch – pizza were as cheap as £4, and you have to try their coconut ice cream! My evening meals consisted mainly of stir fry vegetables and rice, or stir fried Morning Glory

There’s a lovely balcony that wraps around the restaurant for you to enjoy breakfast overlooking the sea, but by that time of day I was already too hot to be sat outside; so I usually chose to stay inside in the air conditioning and close access to the food.

As the food and drink is quite expensive in the hotel,  I always ventured out of the hotel about a 5/10 minute walk along the esplanade to the local restaurants and shops. You can also hire scooters cheaply from next door to Kantary Cafe to explore restaurants a little further afield, although there is enough in walking distance.  If you do decide to head out a little further, you must try the Treetop Cafe, opposite the Radisson Blu hotel. They had so much more choice here for vegetarians, and I’m sad I only found this on my last night. Their spring rolls with plum sauce are perfect, and I finally found Tofu Massaman Curry I’d been looking for all week. We often went to Kantary Cafe for lunch – pizzas were as cheap as £4, and you have to try their coconut ice cream! My evening meals consisted mainly of stir fry vegetables and rice, or stir fried Morning Glory.

The Spa

If you are looking for a cheap Thai massage, these can be found at many local shops and spas around the area. But if you want the true Thai luxury experience, Amatara is the place. People come from far and wide to try the Hammam Journey – the world’s first Thai Hammam. The Wellness facilities and experiences at this hotel are second to none and I really wish I had more time and money to experience the other things they had on offer.

I opted to book myself in for the Signature Amatara massage. Before heading to the room, they ask what strength of massage you want, I went for medium as I was flying home that evening. They also let you test out the different scents and essentials oils for you to choose from such as peppermint for rejuvenation and jojoba for relaxation. I chose the Amatara Signature scent; I trusted their expertise and wanted to try their full tailored experience unique to this spa.

IMG_7866The lady who treated me to my massage was amazing, leading me to my own changing room with robe and underwear before washing my feet in warm water with petals. The massage lasted an hour, the whole time I was hoping it wouldn’t end. It’s the most relaxed I have ever felt (I think I even fell asleep at one point!) After your massage, you get dressed and head out to the lobby where you are greeted with warm herbal tea to dehydrate and a dried fruit snack that she showed me how to hold and eat from the leaves.

Hands down, this is my favourite experience in Thailand, and couldn’t recommend it more highly. Even if you don’t stay at this hotel, it is worth traveling too just to experience the spa; and it really is a full experience.


  • They provide complimentary transport to the mall and another nearby beach which has beach activities like jet skiing etc. This area is much more touristy though, and you can get paddle boards from the hotel to take out on the calm water from your private beach.
  • There is a mini part/pharmacy just at the end of the hotel drive, and other shops in walking distance.
  • Health and fitness facilities at the hotel were outstanding, meaning you didn’t have to ruin your fitness goals while you take that luxury trip. Free morning and afternoon yoga, air conditioned gym overlooking the cape, a whole Retreat dining area with private pool which sold purely healthy dinners and snacks, tailored fitness programs including Pilates, sports massages and much more.  You can come home healthier than when you left!
  • This was a true relaxation retreat, and I miss looking out over the infinity pool at Koh Phi Phi Island on the horizon.


  • Very steep hills around the resort. To get down to the beach (or more noticeably, back up) there are many stairs and steep hill walks. This definitely increased my fitness, but you tire instantly in the heat and its not great for any guests with mobility issues or disability (the hotel, however, will help with this by driving you in a golf cart).
  • The private beach is very shallow so you have to head quite far out to swim properly. I enjoyed this though as you could walk out straight to the reef with the tropical fish, and snorkel in shallow water.
  • Food is expensive in the hotel. However, I think if the hotel had more reasonable prices for food, I would still want to eat at the local restaurants to get a true feel for the place. You experience the atmosphere of Cape Panwa and support the local businesses.
  • Although I see this as a positive aspect of the hotel, other people might view the hotels proximity  to busy areas (or lack of) as a downfall. I love that I was in a more local area, with local restaurants and away for the tacky tourist hussle and bussle. Pure relaxation comes away from the crowds! You are a 30 minute taxi to the town, but I found this flew by when you’re looking at the new things through the window.
  • The mosquitoes were quite annoying in wet season, but the hotel did their best to help with this.


Hotel Rating: 9.5/10

Its not easy to find somewhere perfect, but this place is pretty close.

During my stay I even said that I wouldn’t be able to beat this place for my honeymoon as it really doesn’t get more luxurious than this. That was until I saw the pool villas with their own infinity pools overlooking the bay. I’ll just to have to upgrade at the Amatara.

I loved my stay on Phuket Island and highly recommend Thailand. I cant wait to go back and visit again one day. To check out more photos of my adventures in Thailand, head on over to my Phuket Photo Diary post.  Have you been to Thailand and have any recommendations for  my future adventures there? Let me know, I’m just waiting to explore new places.

Until Next Time


Top 10 Tips to Stop Weight Gain at your Desk Job

Anyone who works a desk job knows how quickly the weight can creep up on you when you spend around eight hours a day sat at your desk. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, and our once consistent fitness regime can often waiver when we strive for success in our careers.

This post is not about trying to be skinny, or attempting to lose weight – it’s about staying happy and healthy so you’re feeling at your best! Therefore, I’ve put together my top ten tips that I work into my weekly routine to stop me piling on the pounds during my work week.


  1.   Always pack your lunch

    Bringing a healthy but delicious packed lunch means you wont be tempted by the hot food deals in the canteen. Try to make a meal plan of healthy but quick lunches for the week, or even meal  prep on the Sunday to make your week run smoother. This will stop you grabbing the crisps and chocolate bar on your rush to work.

  2.  Healthy snacks

    Keeping healthy snacks on your desk or in your drawer will give you something to grab and munch on as soon as people start tucking into those donuts. Snacking is often done out of boredom or because we can’t resist those sweet treats when someone puts them out; but if we keep a healthy treat close by, we are more likely to make the right choice. Fruit or nuts are often a good choice here, but my favourite would be these delicious peanut butter protein balls, perfect for the afternoon slump but delicious enough to share with your colleagues (they’ll be asking for the recipe, trust me).

  3.  Go for a walk during your lunch break

    Getting the blood flowing with a brisk lunchtime walk is not just a great break from the stressful office environment. This stops you mindlessly eating too much at your desk, and gets the oxygen flowing back round your body. I can’t recommend this enough on a nice day – a great way to get that bit closer to the 10,000 step goal for the day.  This is the amount of daily steps the NHS recommends in order to maintain current weight. (Another main tip – skip the lift, and always take the stairs!)

  4.  Skip the drive

    If its possible, try not to drive to work. Instead opt to cycle or walk if you live close enough. If not, try to take the bus, but get off one or two stops before you arrive at work to allow you to walk that little bit extra. That small amount of extra exercise will start your day off right, waking you up and providing you with more energy throughout the day.

  5.  Have a big breakfast

    Having a big healthy breakfast, like oatmeal or eggs, will keep you fuller for longer especially if its packed with protein. Hopefully this will keep the temptation to snack at bay for a while longer and make it less likely for you to go out in search of those unhealthy treats. (starts your metabolism – many people skip breakfast thinking they will lose)

  6. Allow yourself a weekly treat

    That colleagues birthday cake is not completely off limits, just try to take a smaller slice.  Don’t beat yourself up if you give in to temptation, its happens to all of us (daily!). Just see tomorrow as a new day, and come in prepared with your snacks and healthy lunch.

  7. Join the gym with a work colleague

    Having someone from work to slog it out in the gym with is great motivation. You have a friend to go and workout with straight after work, and someone who will hold you accountable when they see you taking handfuls of treats from the office kitchen.

  8. Drink Green Tea

    The main tip here is really not to join the work tea club, which offers unlimited tea, coffee, milk and biscuits. If you’ve paid to be part of the club, you might use this to justify your hourly biscuit habit. Instead, I have switched to green or peppermint tea, and black coffee. Green tea has so many health benefits – revving up your metabolism to help you burn that fat while you work, aiding digestive and providing many antioxidants to fight disease. I have also foregone the milk in my coffee and limited it to just one cup a day. This eradicates unnecessary calories – am I the only one who has to have a biscuit to dunk with their coffee?

  9. Keep Boredom at bay

    Boredom is definitely they one thing that makes me snack the most. Therefore, if I’m starting to feel myself getting bored, I try to move onto a different work area to switch things up. If you aren’t able to do this, take a break to fill up your water bottle (staying hydrated is great for weight maintenance or loss), or even get up and walk to your colleague to ask that question instead of sending an email. This might also help to reduce stress, which can be a main cause of weight retention, with cortisol causing fat storage.

  10. Make your goals clear

    I’m a big list maker, it allows me to see my goals written down where they feel more attainable. Another idea is to set your background to a photo of your next holiday destination, to remind you of the things you have to look forward to, and how you’ll feel when you’re there and looking your best! Even put a countdown on there to make the long days more bearable.

I hope these tips were helpful, and you can slowly start working them into your routine. Let me know if you can think of any other ideas on how to stop weight gain if you’re working a sedentary job, I am willing to try most things to stay healthy and happy.

Until Next Time




Photo Diary: Phuket, Thailand


Island Views


Streets Of Phuket Old Town


The Beautiful Amatara Resort



Just two examples of the amazing Street Art whilst wandering around Phuket Old Town








Wat Chalong Temple



Cape Panwa Sunsets


Last weekend I returned from a weeks trip to Phuket, Thailand – and what a breathtaking place, as you can tell by this final photo. I still can’t believe  all the amazing things I saw within a week – it’ll take me a few weeks to process. I got to go snorkeling and sea-kayaking; visited the biggest Buddhist temple on the island; hiked the rainforest and visited the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in the National park; wandered the streets of Old Town Phuket; sampled the local delicacies; shopped at the markets and local mall; explored the island from the back of a moped; relaxed in total luxury at the Amatara Resort; had my first Thai massage and experienced monsoon season at its best (with a quick trip to Phuket aquarium).


My main goal of the trip was to be a true tourist and drink fresh coconut water, straight from a coconut. I did it, and there’s photographic evidence to prove it! Excuse the sweaty, no makeup look going on here – this was my second day coming from 15 degrees to double that temperature, wandering around all day in the city heat. But hey, I got my coconut!

The sunsets there are breathtaking, and the people were the friendliest I’ve ever met! The Land of Smiles is certainly true. Their hospitality is impeccable, and I was very lucky to be truly pampered. Getting a Thai massage was hands down the most relaxed I have ever been.

I hope you enjoy these photos and that they inspire your next adventure.

Until Next Time



Weekend on the Northumberland Coast

Trip to Bamburgh and Lindisfarne

I have visited quite a lot of the UK (and the world), but I’ve always wanted to visit Holy Island, and others area of the beautiful Northumberland Coast. Its not that far from me in the North of England, and as I am  now living in Newcastle, it seemed like the perfect time to go for the weekend and make a family trip out of it (seen as though my mum has visited a few times without me).


We drove straight to Bamburgh on Saturday morning, so that we could look round the incredibly impressive Bamburgh Castle before we checked in at our hotel. It was a very windy day up on the top of the cliff, which made the whole thing seem much more powerful, imaging the castle defending itself against its enemies at sea. But when the sun did peak out through the clouds, it was a beautiful view down the beach, and out towards Lindisfarne/Holy Island in the distance.

Bamburgh itself is a quaint and traditional little English village. There’s not loads to see in Bamburgh itself, other than the castle and the beaches (which is enough for me) but it is a great location to stay to visit surrounding areas such as Holy Island and Alnwick for example.

There is also the Grace Darling Museum in the village, which we stopped at briefly before heading out for the afternoon. This is an informative and modern attraction with lots of artifacts from the 1800’s; including the bought Grace used to rescue the stranded men. If you haven’t heard of Grace Darling, you need to Google her – its a heartwarming story!

After a quick stop for lunch, we heading back up the coast to Holy Island (after checking tide times of course). After parking we walked straight along to the castle at the other end of the island. There is a shuttle bus to take you along to the castle, but the walk is actually not that far, and there’s great views from the beach along the coast.


On the other side of the castle there’s a rocky beach where people make rock sculptures during their trip, and compete to make them as tall as possible. I don’t think we did too badly. Afterwards we were in need of a caffeine fix, so we found a cute cafe which did a good selection of vegan and gluten free treats. We then had a quick look in a few shops and had to get some Lindisfarne Mead and presents for American family soon to visit.

We headed back to Bamburgh before the water covered the causeway; luckily Lindisfarne is not far up the coast as we were all in need of a rest before dinner. We checked in and rested for a few hours. We stayed at the Victoria Hotel, which is so conveniently located, just up the road from the Bamburgh Castle.  We picked the key randomly between two double rooms, and somehow I chose the sea view room  right at the front of the hotel (above the flags as seen on the photo below). We had an amazing four poster bed, and the view was great – I could look out to see Lindisfarne whilst I showered.

We then met downstairs for dinner. Eating at the hotel restaurant was so convenient and it had a really nice homely atmosphere. The staff were attentive and were able to cater to our vegetarian and vegan needs. Although there wasn’t much choice, the risotto seemed to be to everyone’s taste. They did made a mistake in the kitchen, and we had to wVictoriaHotelBamburghait ten minutes for the last risotto; but before we could even complain, they gave it to us on the house as soon as the issue was explained to us.

There was a nice bar to have a drink in, and a guest lounge where we planned on playing a game of dominoes or cards after dinner; but we were all so exhausted so headed to bed before another long day.


The next day we woke up refreshed from a long sleep in our four poster bed. One of the things about hotel stays that I always look forward to is the included buffet breakfast; and we certainly made the most of the buffet! We all got full English vegetarian breakfast, with our eggs however we wanted them. I was also very tempted by the American pancakes. We then helped ourselves to a choice of pastries, cereals and yogurts. We definitely started the day off right.

After breakfast we packed up and checked out, before taking one last stroll to the beach. From the beach you get an incredible view back up the cliffs to Bamburgh Castle, and out to the islands just offshore. We then headed down the coast to the seaside town of Seahouses to catch a boat out to the Farne Islands. It was a very windy and cold day so we chose the hour and a half tour that went around a few of the islands to see the puffins, seals and a view of the lighthouse that was made famous by Grace Darling.


The tour took us around quite a few of the 15-20 Farne Islands, which changes depending on tides. The islands were home to hundreds and thousands of birds, but we only got to see one puffin. It was bigger than I thought, but its colourings was amazing. There were,however,  hundreds of seals lounging round on the rocks, and swimming by the boat. I was most excited to see seals so it was amazing to see them so up close – they’re so cute!

 After a great boat trip, we were ready to warm back up; and what trip to the seaside is complete without some fish and chips (minus the fish for all us vegetarians). Although it was a short trip to the coast, we certainly packed in a lot of great activities. I would love to visit again. I would love to see more puffins, apparently they all came out the week after we visited – typical! We had a great weekend though, so carefree; so I’m very grateful for my mum organising it!


Top tips for your visit to Bamburgh/ Lindisfarne

  •  The most important thing to remember if you are visiting Lindisfarne is to check the tide times so that you can cross the causeway safely. You do not want to get washed away or stranded on the island overnight if all hotels are full.
  • Take waterproof/windproof clothing. The weather is unpredictable and the wind is very strong at the coast. It gets right into your bones. Don’t let that put you off though, its worth it.
  • Visit Bamburgh Castle – it’s got incredible history, great audio tour, or even just for the views from the top of the hill.